The OA Council is an elected body that represents the UO’s diverse group of  professionals to promote and facilitate communication, identify and address pertinent issues, share information, enhance professional identity, and create opportunities for collegiality.

Council meetings are held on a monthly basis. All OAs are welcome to attend! If there are particular areas of question or concern that you would like to see on the agenda, we encourage you to contact one of your council representatives. Please join us for a meeting or an event!


Elections are now open! Vote on representation on OA Council, Faculty Advisory Council, and University Senate on DuckWeb.

Important Elections Note

In order to 1) promote participation by a maximum number of OAs in UO shared governance and 2) ensure that OAs serving on the OAC have adequate time for council activities, OAs who choose to serve on the OA Council may not simultaneously serve on other UO elected committees unless approved in advance by the OAC executive committee.

Learn more about the candidates

To learn more about the candidates, see the 2016 OA Elections Guide.


OA Classification and Compensation Project

This project will establish a classification and compensation system for OAs, enabling UO to be competitive in the market, to attract and retain talent, and to be able to reward top performers.

The University is seeking information from OAs as an important next step in the ongoing OA Classification and Compensation Project. The OA Classification and Compensation Project survey was emailed to OAs across campus on Monday, August 31. All OAs are invited to participate in this project by completing the survey and submitting PDs, if necessary, no later than September 15. If you did not receive a survey, please email the project team at and a team member will respond.

Human Resources has posted an update on the project’s What’s New page.

For more information, see the Around the O stories OA Classification and Compensation Project Team launches survey and Updates on OA classification study now available on website, as well as the OA Classification and Compensation Project page.

OA Council Members

See the current members of the Officers of Administration Council.