Mission Statement
The mission of the OA Council is to build community among the UO’s diverse range of administrative professionals and to support this community by facilitating communication, identifying and addressing pertinent issues, acting as a liaison with central administration, raising the professional profile of OAs, and creating opportunities for collegiality.

Officers of Administration
There are more than 1,100 Officers of Administration (OAs) at the University of Oregon comprising approximately one-third of the total UO employee population. OAs hold a wide range of positions: supervisors, managers, administrators, confidential office workers, and advisers, counselors and professional academic support. They play an essential role in upholding and contributing to the mission of the University of Oregon by:

  • effectively managing programs, people, resources, and facilities
  • providing professional services and support, which create an environment that enhances students’ educational, social and personal growth; and
  • furnishing long-range strategic planning and overall leadership and direction for departments and the institution as a whole.

OA Council History and Tradition
The UO Officers of Administration (OA) Council, formerly known as the University Management Association Council, was established in May, 1997. The esprit de corps upon which the group was originally founded continues to thrive through the ongoing commitment and dedication of its members to provide resources, establish open communications, and voice concerns on issues that affect OAs in our campus community.

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To ensure balance, at least one member of the council shall be representative of each of the three types of campus departments: academic (including research and library), administrative, and auxiliary or other support services (e.g., EMU, Intercollegiate Athletics, Printing Services, etc.). Click here for the current list of OA Council members.

The OA Council has maintained a long standing tradition of facilitating informational events to foster professional development, enhance customer service standards, and highlight current campus activities. The OA Council also hosts an annual meeting that provides important updates from the UO Administration. OAs are welcome to attend monthly council meetings and are encouraged to share their questions, concerns and insight with the council.

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The council annually hosts a portion of the OA orientation to provide important resources and information to new OAs to help them succeed in thier careers at the UO.

The council is dedicated to pursuing solutions to challenges faced by OAs and fostering open communications with university administration.