Administrative Relationship

The OA council shall serve as a liaison to central administration through the Vice President for Administration.

The OA Council is one of approximately forty standing academic and administrative committees on the University of Oregon campus.


The eight-member council shall be nominated and elected by university Officers of Administration. Each year the council will decide how it will govern itself.
Examples: elected chair, co-chairs, or rotating chairs.

Council members shall be elected to serve two-year terms. Members may serve no more than two consecutive, two-year terms. Council members who have served two consecutive, two-year terms must wait one year before being eligible for election to a new, two-year term. Terms begin July 1 and end June 30.

To ensure balance, at least one member of the council shall be representative of each of the three types of campus departments: academic (including research and library), administrative, and auxiliary (EMU, Intercollegiate Athletics, Printing Services, University Health Center and University Housing). No more than four council positions should be eligible for election in any given year. The Council may appoint any OA to complete the term of any council member who is unable to complete his/her term, with consideration towards balance, as specified above.


Each spring, members of the current council, excluding those eligible for re-election, shall solicit nominations for vacant council positions from university OAs.

With consideration towards balance as specified above the top five (5) nominees, based on the total nominations received for each person, shall be submitted to the membership for election to vacant council positions.

The election for council positions is conducted online via DuckWeb in conjunction with the UO Faculty Elections. It is the responsibility of the council to coordinate the election with the Office of Academic Affairs and to provide a list of nominees for council positions. Typically nominations are due in mid-April, with the election held online for two weeks (last week of April through the first week of May). Announcements regarding the elections are sent out hard copy from Academic Affairs and electronically via the OA News listserve.

When council vacancies result in no representative from one or more of the three campus segments specified above the nominee from an unrepresented segment who receives the greatest number of votes shall be elected, even if the total number of votes received is less than other represented nominees.


Members of the council should meet at least once a month during the academic year, or more frequently at the discretion of the council chair.

The minutes of each council meeting and any formal OA meeting shall indicate which council members were present, absent, or excused due to sickness or conflict with University business. The seat of any member of the council may be considered vacant if the Council member is absent without excuse (as defined above) two times in one year from regularly scheduled meetings of the Council or formal OA meetings.


Last updated: 121412