During the Summer of 2018, the Officers of Administration (OA) Council adopted a revised organizational structure that is designed to support volunteers and better engage campus.

Roles and Responsibilities


 The Chairs are responsible for guiding the direction of the Officers of Administration Council (OAC), maintaining close connections with the executive leadership of the institution and ensuring Officers of Administration (OA) engagement in decision making across the University. The Chairs will follow the guiding principles set forth in the OA Policies and Procedures document maintained by the OAC and shared with the UO Faculty Senate.

 Anticipated time commitment: 6-8 hours/w­­eek

Responsibilities Include:

  • Chair the working and open meetings of the OAC
  • Call meetings to order and set the agenda
  • Formally invite campus administrators and other stakeholders to open and working meetings
  • Serve on the Senate Executive Committee
  • Ensure execution of OAC Projects (Annual Meeting, Open meetings, Listening Tour and Workplace Climate Survey, Professional Development Conference, OA STARS awards, etc.)
  • Participate as ex-officio members of all OAC committees
  • Ensure all OAC roles and responsibilities are being adequately fulfilled by OAC membership
  • Invite ex-officio members to participate in OAC activities
  • Ensure new OAC leadership is selected and onboarded, select and fill OA Council position assignments
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the Vice Chair and the Secretary, known as the OA Executive Committee to facilitate efficient and productive OAC outcomes

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is responsible for coordinating and leading the financial and budgetary functions for the OA Council, and providing leadership on projects.  Additionally, this position is responsible for onboarding new members.

 Anticipated time commitment: 4–6 hours/week

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintains OAC budget (requires Banner access and training)
    • Develops budgets, prepares projections, and the ensures the budget is balanced
  • Seeks sponsorship opportunities to identify additional resources as needed
  • Maintains on-boarding information and procedures for new OAC members
  • Leads on-boarding efforts in June-August at the end of their term
  • Functions as project coordinator for key initiatives and projects of the OAC
    • Maintains a list of all official OAC projects and initiatives
    • Works with OAC members and ex officios coordinating projects to identify deliverables and timelines for projects
    • Updates OAC membership of progress and risks related to projects
    • Identifies mitigation strategies to ensure projects meet OAC goals


The Secretary provides essential support to build a strong foundation of communication. The Secretary is responsible for the public image of the OAC through the use of e-mail, website, and other official communications.

 Anticipated time commitment: 6–8 hours/week

Responsibilities include:

  • Write, edit, and send email to campus OAs about meetings, events, elections, and other OAC business
  • Keep attendance at OA meetings and make a report to the Chair when a member is repeatedly missing meetings and official events
  • Update OAC website content with meeting information, meeting minutes, elections information, and other OAC business
  • Prepare and update document management plans, maintain documents of record for OAC including open and working meeting minutes
  • Keeps by-laws and records
  • Manages OA email list by adding and removing OAs as needed and getting annual OA email list updates from Human Resources or pursuing alternative contact management system
  • Schedule and coordinate OAC working meeting times and locations
  • Ensures that meeting time is used effectively

Professional Development Liaison

The OAC has a vested interest in the progressive professional development and successful onboarding of their fellow OAs. The OAC is therefore committed to working alongside UO Human Resources to promote professional development opportunities and ensure streamlined onboarding.

 Anticipated time commitment: 4 hours/week

Responsibilities include:

  • Represent the OAC to HR in the alignment and improvement of a university-wide onboarding process for new OAs
  • Work closely with Human Resources on the annual OA Strategic Leadership Forum
  • Work closely with staff in HR on the professional development needs for OAs, brainstorming programs, communicating opportunities, and assisting in their promotion to OAs
  • Represent the OAC at new employee orientations, including orientations for those in other employee groups (faculty, GTFF, classified staff)
  • Coordinate with HR on new and upcoming opportunities providing support as appropriate. Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to identify and recruit volunteers for professional development related sub-committees
  • Lead, manage, and support an appropriate sub-committee of volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator

 The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing the composition of sub-committees and volunteers of the OAC.  This position also works to build and maintain a diverse volunteer base to ensure all areas of campus are represented and engaged in OAC activities and projects.  The Volunteer Coordinator also serves as a point of contact for OAs who are interested in learning more about how they can get involved.

 Anticipated time commitment: 4 hours/week

Responsibilities Include:

  • Establish and maintain supportive and productive working relationships with volunteers
  • Conduct informational surveys to appropriately understand and support the needs and objectives of OAs
  • Actively manage the recruitment of OAC volunteers, assess interest and appropriately align with projects
  • Manage the volunteer database
  • Communicate with campus stakeholders who request OA participation in campus decision making (committees, working groups, searches, etc.)
  • Track volunteer assignments and provide quarterly reports of activities and assignments to the council at working meetings

Campus Partners Liaison

 The Campus Partners Liaison will ensure adequate OA representation at all partner meetings, events, and committees.

 Anticipated time commitment: 4 hours/week

Responsibilities Include:

  • Coordinate with OA Senators and OA Faculty Advisory Committee (OA FAC) to ensure good communication between the various elected offices and that knowledge is shared on common interest issues
    • Update the council at least once per quarter on the activities of the OA FAC and OA Senators
  • Attend Board of Trustees meetings and other events of interest to shared governance and in particular OA matters as needed
  • Communicate with Board of Trustees Secretary to advance OAC issues as necessary
  • Provide a conduit between OAs and campus leadership (Ombuds, HR, Chiefs of Staff, Senior Leadership Team, etc.) to escalate OA issues when they come to the attention of the OAC

Engagement Coordinator

The Engagement Coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising engagement activities and events for OAs. This position also manages the OA awards process for both OAC and university-wide OA related awards. As open meetings are critical to the OAC’s engagement with campus, the Engagement Coordinator will work closely with the Executive Committee to schedule and coordinate OAC open meeting guests and event logistics.

Anticipated time commitment: 4 hours/week

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creates RSVPs for events
  • Schedules “Open Meeting” times and locations
  • Coordinate logistics of event/activity including venue, catering, RSVP, and coordinate with Secretary to ensure timely communication of event logistics
  • Events/activities may include coordination of facility tours, social receptions, on & off campus events, key presentations, etc.
  • Manage the activities calendar and keep Secretary updated for web postings, and general communications
  • Act as point of contact and conduit to UO Portland OAC participation, coordinate logistics for UO Portland interaction at OAC events
  • Coordinate annual OAC on-site meeting with UO Portland