Current Subcommittees and Reports

OA Listening Tour Subcommittee 2016-2018
Larissa Ennis and Micah Sardell

The OA Council identified in its goals for 2016-2017 that a refresh of the listening tour conducted in 2013-2014 is needed to ensure that the OA Council continues to listen to and learn from the Officers of Administration about the most important issues on campus.  The OA Council will focus on producing a survey with more easily quantifiable results so that the impact of the OA Council can be more easily tracked from year to year.

2017 Workplace Climate Survey Results – Presentation (PDF)

OA Employement Policy Advisory Group
Larissa Ennis, Jessica Marquez

In 2017 Human Resources and the OA Council convened a policy advisory group to consult and review new and revised policy details pertaining to the official OA workplace and employment policies.  This group meets as needed and provides feedback and advice on policy implementation details.

OA Strategic Leadership Conference Subcommittee Standing Sub-Committee
Larissa Ennis, TBD

The OA Council is working to plan and organize another Strategic Leadership Conference for the spring of each year.  Based on the success of last years conference, the OA Council is working to broaden the appeal of the conference this year by inviting more internal leaders from campus to present, and by expanding the scope of the conference.

Past Subcommittees and Reports

OA Council Year in Review for 2017-2018

An overview of Council activities in 2017-2018:

OA Council Year in Review 2017-2018 (PDF)

OA Council Year in Review for 2015-2016

To better track the work conducted by the OA Council, we have created the OA Council Year in Review for 2015-2016:

OA Council Year in Review 2015-2016 (PDF)


OA Council Listening Tour 2013-14

The OA Council gathered information from OAs across campus during a series of Listening Tour focus groups and via an online survey. This report summarizes responses and highlights common themes shared by participating OAs.

OAC Listening Tour Summary 2013-14 (PDF)


OA Compensation Subcommitee
Patricia Easley, David Espinoza, and Lisa Raleigh

In our goals and objectives for 2011-12, the OAC identified OA compensation as one of the key issues needing our attention.  A compensation subcommittee was formed, comprised of Lisa Raleigh, David Espinoza and Patricia Easley, to look at the issues. The subcommittee went on to research existing UO policy related to OA compensation, and the results of this research — plus recommendations to UO leadership — have been summarized in a document that was first brought to the OA Council for review and comment, then presented to Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

After reviewing the report and meeting with the subcommittee, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer Jamie Moffitt asked us to join her in a meeting with President Bob Berdahl and Provost Jim Bean to discuss our findings and recommendations.  We were very pleased and encouraged by the positive and productive reception this report has received from senior leadership and we look forward to further discussions with Jamie.

We encourage you to read this document and provide comments and feedback to us through the qualtrics survey which we have set up.  This survey is anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself. We look forward to hearing from you on this important issue.



OA Policy Subcommittee
Linda Leon and Deb Mailander
Subcommittee members serve on the University of Oregon Personnel Policy Review Committee.

In 1996, the Oregon University System merged management service employees with Officers of Administration.  As a result, OAs on campus now represent a large and varied group that includes first-line supervisors, business and office managers, counselors, physicians, coaches, managers and executives, among other occupations.  Developing employment policies for this diverse group is important and challenging.   In fact the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities issued an accreditation report in 2007 that identified the need for the University of Oregon to develop operational procedures that would replace idiosyncratic decision making procedure For OAs.  The personnel policy review committee was formed that same year to address some of the recommendations made by the report.   The University also hired an Associate Director for OA Employment in Human Resources to help oversee this process and provide more support to OAs and the administration.

Committee membership is made up of representatives from university vice presidential areas and campus units who work with unclassified employment regularly.  In addition, a member of the OAC (currently Deb Mailander) is a on the committee.  The purpose of the committee is to bring together stakeholders from across campus together to identify and resolve OA employment issues of concern to OAs and the University.    In September 2012, the committee’s work was put on hiatus by human resources due to the vacancy in the OA Associate Director position, recent and planned leadership changes in HR, and the backlog of pending policies.  The OAC continues to work with human resources to advance employment matters of concern to OAs during this transition period.  Additional information on the committee can be found on the HR website at


Technology Listening Tour Report

In late 2012 and early 2013, Information Services and UO Libraries engaged campus in a Technology Listening Tour, with the goal of better understanding what OAs, faculty, researchers, administrators, staff, GTFs, and students have to say about goals, pending initiatives, and projects relating to technology.

The OA Council hosted a Listening Tour meeting on January 17, 2013. Notes from that meeting are available here: Listening Tour Report.